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Little Cinema Digital

I worked with LCD’s creative team on over a hundred events, in which I assisted on all animated needs—from early concept designing, landing pages, broadcast Graphics,  and projection maping. At Little Cinema Digital, we created unique events that ranged from live, online, and hybrid—merging art and experience into innovative and memorable immersive events.


In this project, we were challenged to create immersive animations inspired by Amazon's film Emergency. We created four phases of the night, each with their own phase inspired by a portion of the film. I designed and animated the third phase, which lasted roughly an hour of the premiere. The animations were projection-mapped onto the surrounding 30-foot walls, hosted at the amazing Lighthouse LA (immersive Van Gogh).

Happier Than Ever
A Love Letter to Los Angeles

In this drive-through premiere to celebrate the launch of Billie Eilish’s concert film: Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles, I animated art deco-inspired graphics that were projected onto a huge outdoor theater for Billie and all the attendees of the event. 

The World of Tomorrow 

This was a collaboration between Amazon and the Twitch streamer Dr. Lupo. I animated glitch transitions and other broadcast Graphics that transported Dr. Lupo into a live escape room, where he interacted with actors and solved puzzles to save the world!

National Geographic
Welcome To Earth

Nat Geo Welcome to Earth was a hybrid event where we screened the premiere with a live orchestra. I worked on gfx for events and post edits of the event. Viewers were transported into rarely seen places on earth.

The Proud Family

This project’s challenge was creating an interactive experience where watchers at home could explore the universe of The Proud Family digitally.  This event allowed viewers to share the experience of watching the premiere and celebrating the launch together in virtual space. Along with some broadcast graphics, I animated a game-like landing page where users could interact to learn more.

Coming To America 2

A virtual event where we screened the premiere of Amazon's Blockbuster Coming to America. After the film, we had multiple virtual rooms including live performances by DJ PZB and Chop and Quench. I worked on animations that gave life to the lobby and hyped up the audience for the premiere.

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